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What's the Difference Between Liking & Following a Facebook Page?

Quick answer: Liking a Facebook page shows your support and you'll occasionally see page updates, while following ensures you regularly see updates for the page in your news feed.

A client just asked about this: Liking vs Following a Facebook page, here's the quick rundown:

Following a Business Page:

  • When users follow a business page, they opt to receive updates from that page in their News Feed. This is particularly valuable for businesses as it ensures that their content reaches a wider audience, even individuals who may not have formally liked the page.
  • For businesses, increasing the number of followers can boost visibility and reach, allowing their updates, promotions, and announcements to be seen by a larger pool of users.
  • The act of following a business page doesn't necessarily imply direct endorsement or support; rather, it signifies an interest in staying informed about the business's activities and offerings.

Liking a Business Page:

  • Liking a business page is a more explicit show of support or interest in the business and its content. It can indicate that the user is a fan or customer of the business and wants to stay engaged with its updates.
  • When a user likes a business page, their action may be visible to their friends, potentially amplifying the business's reach through word-of-mouth and social influence.
  • From the business's perspective, accumulating likes on their page can enhance their credibility, increase brand awareness, and provide a pool of engaged users to whom they can market their products or services.

In essence, for business pages, both following and liking are valuable actions that can contribute to their online presence, visibility, and engagement with their audience. While following extends the reach of their content, liking indicates a more direct form of support and endorsement.


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